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 I am a storyteller that loves capturing life.

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I’m Tugba*, an artist, adventurer, explorer, mother, educator, wife and much more.
I have a BA and an MFA from Boston University in visual arts. Photography has been more than a hobby for me. Throughout my life and education, I have often used photography as a medium to explore my artistic endeavors. As I think back to my
college years, I remember enjoying every step of the photography process, from taking pictures to developing

film in the darkroom and finally printing. I would get excited when I saw the negatives and the final prints. With today’s digital photography, the excitement is different and more immediate. I love life and gathering with friends and family for special occasions, especially when celebrating a life event.
It has naturally evolved that my love of photography and the joy of sharing important events with loved ones should lead me to pursue wedding and lifestyle photography as my professional career. I like to consider photographs as a form of fine art that tells multidimensional stories on two-dimensional paper rather than some pictures that are captured in the past. Therefore, before a photo session, I try to learn all I can about my subjects; listen to their favorite songs, find out their favorite books, places, colors. As I get to know my subjects and combine that knowledge with my skill sets and experience, I produce artistic and aesthetically beautiful memories.

When I’m not behind the camera lens, I’m probably teaching an art class, working on my business and branding, cooking, reading/watching or running after my two children.

*pronounced “Too-baa”

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